About Bae Bae

The inspiration behind BaeBae Box arose from a desire not only to take the stress of out buying toys for baby, but also because we wanted to put the fun back into parenthood. Our BaeBae Box team are parents too, and we know what is important when it comes to baby especially in those first thrilling months.

At BaeBae Box we understand that, particularly for new mums and dads, when the initial ‘fun factor’ of toy shopping wears off, being faced with mountains of playthings to choose from and simultaneously trying to establish quality and safety factors, can often turn what should be an exciting event into a frustrating and overwhelming chore.

You can opt for joining our membership or subscription program for $50 a month to receive much more retail value of products, or you can create an account of our registry to crowd found your baby`s joy with family and friends. Whichever you choose, rest assured that BaeBae Box will make the correct choices for your child when it comes to toys and all those special essentials, because BaeBae Box is a family firm who understand that time spent with the baby is the best time you can have.

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